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Voting campaign

Since school elections don't really matter, there's no reason not to have fun with campaigning.

Some people just love a good loophole.

23 People You Can't Even Be Mad At Because They're Technically Following The Rules

Childhood treasures.

Funny pictures about Childhood treasures. Oh, and cool pics about Childhood treasures. Also, Childhood treasures.

Relaxing Like In Comics

This made me laugh so hard, when will these comic book artists learn!---> I literally sit like this all the time minus the coffee cup

15 Geeky Kids Captured in Funny and Unusual Situations - TechEBlog

Here are some geeky kids captured in funny and / or unusual situations. Kids are hilarious!

Hold on.<<<is this insest >>>oohhh no hesitation there straight to the real questions>>But there not straight >>oh my god the jokes 😂😂

When You Asked The Photoshop Troll Master For Help

When You Asked The Photoshop Troll Master For Help

The last one is my favorite

Ridiculously photogenic people - I don't usually pin these, but the last guy is hilarious!

Just... What?

We have rounded up some unintentionally ironic pictures captured at the perfect time.my favorite is Andrew Scott!

How To Win A Bet When You Lose A Bet... Or, wrap your sibling's birthday present.....

How to win a bet when you already lost one… or Christmas present for your favorite sibling. I know a sibling who IS getting this for christmas mwahahahaha

Be my roommate hahahaha

Not quite sure if I'm promoting this guy as a roommate by pinning this but really I just think that it's funny and creative. I hope you find a wonderful roommate.

Pros and Cons of Being a Night Owl

5 Comics Show The Pros And Cons Of Being A Night Owl

Lies our parents told us. Scary how we’ve all heard the same things. Is there a parent group for this?

This is so funny. My mom told me the watermelon one too.Parents scaring their kids with lies

Super funny pizza delivery “special instructions” requests! Can't stop laughing!

Funny pictures about Pizza Box Drawing Requests. Oh, and cool pics about Pizza Box Drawing Requests. Also, Pizza Box Drawing Requests.