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The accuracy is startling. We got Jimin standing there looking done, Taehyung going crazy in his white hoodie and Jungkook on the couch away from them

Dude, this perfectly shows how we can grow and develop in our character, and not even realize the amazing changes that have happened. Just because you can't see it in yourself doesn't mean that others can't see it in you and appreciate you for it.

RapMonster and Jungkook English lessons with Mr. Mon<<i can just hear him saying that by looking at this

"Pardon" has greatly but horribly made an huge impact on me. To non-kpop fans they may think "pardon" is jist like any other word. Sadly NO to all us BTS stans, we get freaking triggered.

When Kookie was entering high school ♥ | allkpop Meme Center

Part of why BTS is so amazing. And let's not forget how when jungkook was feeling awkward and wanted to go with them but they started nagging him and saying that he had to make friends. They are still nagging him to make friends.



When he came to Myanmar 16 June I still can't look at fancams from that day. Still miss him like crazy :'( BTS