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umgekehrt. by Czaritsa on DeviantArt

I think I’m calling it done, aha. Did a little Nicola Samori-esque experimentation toward the end. His art’s always reminded me of the warped elegance of Hannibal. Hopefully it looks alright ?


“When we have meetings, he is always early. He is by himself, smoking a cigarette and waiting outside. He looks so cool and I’m just watching him, and then like 5 minutes have gone by…” -Hideo Kojima

“We live in a primitive time - don't we, Will? - neither savage nor wise. Half measures are the curse of it. Any rational society would either kill me or give me my books.”- Mads Mikkelsen, as Hannibal Lecter.Love this just stone mad

~ Hannibal NBC  HOLY SMOKES <3

Wallpaper and background photos of Hannibal Lecter for fans of Hannibal TV Series images.

Corea hoje

Corea hoje

Hannibal — fetalnightmare: ’ Killing must feel good to...

nbchannibal: “ fetalnightmare: “ “ ’ Killing must feel good to God too, he does it all the time, and are we not created in his image?’ ~Hannibal ” LOOK ITS SATAN ” MAKE IT STOP ”

Siren by Dori Hartley

Siren by Dori Hartley

Hannibal | Hannibal Lecter - The Contracting Universe by Mars Martin

Hannibal Lecter - The Contracting Universe There we go. A Hannibal version to go with my Will one. in his lovely Dinner Party jacket and cravat.

Immagine correlata

A selection of editorial, commissioned and personal portrait work completed in