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Jared in Prefontaine

Jared in Prefontaine

El dueño de mis quincenas

Jared Leto for Vincent Belasko. Younger Brother of Charlotte Belasko, Older Brother of Isabella Belasko (deceased). Only Son of Katherine Belasko (deceased) and Benjamin Belasko (deceased).

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A fan page of photos & info about the gorgeous actor, musician, singer and songwriter Jared Leto.

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Jared Leto

when she refuses, he convinces her to order a robot companion. He was not counting on her ordering one that looked exactly like him.

Jared Leto. Cantante, actor.

_________ ₪ ø lll·o. _________ You have conviction and I appreciate that. Sometimes conviction can lead to stubbornness. _________ ₪ ø lll·o.

Jared Leto's childhood and youth photos.

Holy fucking shit, this just melts my heart. Jeez, Jared Leto was always so godamn CUTE!