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I don't know why but it's too funny! Maybe he will release it in 10 years. But in August please! 😂😂 I'm sooo sorry but it's too funny

''Taehyung viu o que um fã escreveu para ele e ele começou a chorar enquanto segurava as mãos do fã. Ele é o mais doce!''

A fan asked him if his grandmother was getting any better because she is sick. Then he started crying. Poor Baby<--- aw my poor child


Read ✎bias from the story Bangtan ➳ Scenarios + Texts 2 by -sugakookiejams- (siopao) with reads.

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Funny, Memes, Pictures: I-bet-my-wife-could-still-walk-into-this-target-for-milk… – amazing)

Sooo jimin<<<he's a little hoe but I still love u boo

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