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"Ojo de Dios"

Cultural symbol made by the Huichols Indians of Mexico. The four points represent earth, fire, air and water, and provided God's eye to watch over their people.

Butterfly World an 18 inch 12sided Ojo de Dios by by JaysMandalas

God's Eyes are composed of yarn woven. around two crossed sticks. Artist Jay Mohler takes these usually simple crafts to a whole new level

Bailando para Dios, 32 pulgadas, 12 caras, Ojo de Dios mandala, por orden de encargo.

Jay Mohler is creating Ojos de Dios yarn Mandala instructions, writings, and workshops

Walking and exploring Mexico's markets with you. You show me.

Ace Camp - Geninne D. Zlatkis - Queretaro, Mexico by ritchieacecamps

Peace and Love, 24 inch Ojo de Dios mandala by JaysMandalas on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/152484217/peace-and-love-24-inch-ojo-de-dios

Peace and Love 24 inch Ojo de Dios mandala by JaysMandalas on Ets

El pegotiblog - hecho a mano: Los Ojos de Dios de Jay Mohler

Asheville Mandala Weavers~Ojos de Dios~Yarn Mandalas by JaysMandalas

Ojo de Dios, by Jay Mohler

beautiful Ojos de dios on Etsy by jayfroggy - 12 point mandala

Ojo de Dios mandala Silent Wonder 24 inch 12sided by JaysMandalas, $265.00

Ojo de Dios mandala, Silent Wonder, 18 or 24 inch by custom order

Abretumente Click here ❂  http://abretumente.tumblr.com/

Colorful, beautiful fabric stars -Seeing them instantly transport me to exotic travels in eclectic India.

design-dautore.com: I mandala di Jay Mohler

Jay Mohler Updates the Traditional Craft of Homespun God’s Eyes to Create Elaborate Masterpieces up to 48 Inches Wide

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Huichol (Mexico) Art - intricate religious symbols composed of seed beads pressed into beeswax over a carved wood base