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En esos días échale O-varios #strong women

En esos días échale O-varios #strong women

dont make fun

Don't make fun of people with disabilities, regardless of what the disability is. It may be a physical one, it may be [a] mental one, but these disabilities do not stop them [from] being wonderful human beings. Everyone has feelings and everyone can hurt.

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Teaching Our Daughters Respect

This goes both ways. Teach both our daughters & sons to know the difference. As well as to teach our sons to be that kind of man ! I also believe it is important to teach our daughters their role too .

Actually yes it did. He learned that he never wants to b like him and my goal is to give my kids a life they deserve. Mike hasn't taught my kids shit. Who throws a hammer at ur kid and breaks out windows and hits his truck

Free and Funny News Ecard: So if you state your opinion it's free speech, but if I state mine, it's hate and intolerance? Right, I forgot that's how it works.

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Please understand I have a disability, not a disease. You can't catch it. I may walk, talk, and move differently than you do, but on the inside I'm not so different.

love this! (Post does not belong to me, credit psoriasis-secrets.tumblr.com)

Welcome to a place where if you have psoriasis [or not], you'll be able to relate and vent about this ugly disease!