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Majorvania W Guitar and Bass (Megalovania in major key) - Undertale by Nahu Pyrope on SoundCloud


Toriel what are you doing I'm staying alive sweet Peet my name is not sleeping and I'm not a baby and if I was that would have been cute for me but if call me everyday and I know

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Undertale <<< This was ruined for me because whenever I see "Chu" I think of sneezes.

Undertale art dump :D I finally drew the Dreemurr family! I haven’t seen a lot of drawings of them together now that I think about it… Anyway, I was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes to draw Asriel

es muy cuteee

Sans and Frisk! One of my first artworks of Undertale ©Undertale ©Toby Fox


“The underground is full of mysteries. why is my head falling on your shoulder? *beeeeopp* hahaha <<<omg totally fitting undertale scene for totally fitting gravity falls quote lol

Pokemon Paper Masks- I want the Haunter one c

Pokemon Paper Masks- I want the Haunter one c

Undertale by kuzukago on DeviantArt

Even if nothing changes When he woke up, if someone is staying next to it will be very happy.。oO(I think I Inhabits something in that sheet.

FIRST   PREVIOUS   NEXT This page wins the "most revised" award out of the series! It was going to be a few panels longer but in the end I had to cut them. Without Mercy.... (pun int...

FIRST PREVIOUS And that's a wrap for this comic! It'll have to end here as the next part is the awkward realization: "Oh, you're not really . Just Let Me Win - pg 7