Renpach  Ironhawk by Nambroth

Commission done for Ah the two lovebirds, Allytha and Vrass! I never realized how time consuming feathers and feathered creatures took!

Griffin sightings in England. Are they an unknown species, spirits or creatures from another dimension?

Male griffin with no mate. He is a strong, tough warrior. He is as quick as lightning, and can out fly any other griffin. Also, he is good in battle. He is very cunning and handsome. He likes Snowy river.

The interpretation by Robert Graves. Here we have one of the first attempts in our century to explain the Chimera along the lines of ancient mythology Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, revised editio...

A Page for the Chimaera: (oben) Jacobo Ligozzi (Texts via Ugo Bardi: Chimaera. A site dedicated to the Chimaera (or Chimera) Myth

Jacopo Ligozzi (attributed to) Italian A chimera (La chimera) pen and brown ink and brush and brown ink over black chalk, gold paint and white bodycolour x cm Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid Spanish Royal Collection

Myranx by on @deviantART Gryphon griffin

Snowstar: white eagle/white lion, female, leader of the clan, brave likes to go on patrols, and is slightly immature

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