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Quiero trabajar en LEGO!

Galería de LEGO PMD / Rosan Bosch & Rune Fjord - 1

Here Are 12 Of The Coolest Offices Ever. Seriously, I'll Bet The Employees Hate Going Home.

You'd Never Leave Work If You Worked In One Of These Incredible Offices

Floorplan LEGO PMD by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord

high-density floor plan example - desks orderly, but broken up with partitions and collaboration spaces at diagonals



Wall papers with giant blades of grass, tables with built-in bonsai gardens and a slide connecting two floors.

Economia Publishing House | Prague, the Czech Republic | By Ricardo Bofill

Gallery of Economia Building / Ricardo Bofill - 5

Economía Ricardo Bofill, Taller de Arquitectura “The project involved the adaptative reuse of a century boiler factory in Prague’s former industrial district to house “Economia” publishing house.

Mojang à Stockholm

Les 10 bureaux les plus cool du monde

Would you like to work in this office? Check out the Swedish company Mojang, creators of Minecraft, and their comfortable yet stylish work environment.

LEGO PMD by Rosan Bosch & Rune Fjord: LEGO's developmental department known as LEGO PMD have a new space to inspire their creative