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I seen this picture and the first thing I did was notice that the characters are from Toradora! For those of you who don't know the girl is Taiga, and the boy is Ryūji

Anime Facts - Shingeki no Kyojin, Kuroshitsuji, Toradora! and Noragami

Not to mention Levi and Yato share voice actors Levi / Attack on Titan - Sebastian / Black Butler - Ryuuji / Toradora - Yato / Noragami

Well of course! How else would you put kawaii key chains and decor on it!

If you're wondering why characters in Anime still use flip phones, it's because smartphones aren't that famous in Japan, text, Hiiragi Tsukasa, Lucky Star;

....... ehem.....

I'm going at the end of March Bo ya! (I can't spell and I just watch all 5 seasons of Teen Titans + the movie so.)<<<japan actually has a deep history and culture, and most of it isn't anime.

That's because we LOVE those fictional characters, they matter to us while a test is something we don't care about but we are still forced to learn it~~

I can tell you komaeda's blood type but I can't remember a freaking math formula

10 Ways Japan is Beating Everyone - 9GAG

10 Ways Japan is Beating Everyone

RAnDoM: 10 Awesome Ways Japan is Winning! Green Tea Kit Kat--the best Kit Kat ever!

hell yea

I don't like a lot of these but its good to know what they are called. Otaku (but I'm also a geek ^.