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As cool as this is, I'd probably wake up one night and roll over and just about piss myself when I see it. I'll pass.

My Own Slender Man

Slenderman painting >> why would someone do this? Do they want to have nightmares?<<<<because its amazing, and if you like creepypasta, you most likely arent going to have nightmares from this.

Love that song

Well mother watch what war did to my legs and to my thoung You should have raised a baby girl, I should have been a better son (Creepy Pasta)


Love this pic going from the top BEN Drowned,.,Laughing Jack,and Glitch Red

Helen:I hate Cockroach!!! by DeluCat on deviantART

Helen:I hate Cockroach! by DeluCat on deviantART<-----Relatable, cockroaches are terrifying.