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An amazing illustration of The Scarlet Speedster.

An amazing illustration of The Scarlet Speedster.

Scarleth Wich Avengers

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' reimagined as an epic dark fantasy >> Scarlet Witch by Daniel Kamarudin

The 1st time I saw this, I thought, "oh yeah look old and new pictures of the Marvel characters in AoU." Now I'm looking at it and I'm realizing that the new and old characters are in the same poses. Did Marvel dig up poses and match the characters on purpose? If so, I applaud you, Marvel. Still mad at you for Pietro, though. X(

Original Avengers compared to the movie posters

Original Avengers compared to the movie posters. so like the movie versions better!

I just noticed something.

I just noticed something.

Lantern Oaths

Just meme it!

Black Hand fascinats me, but the greatest lantern will always be Hall Jordan first Green Lantern of earth!

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Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato discuss writing the NEW 52 Barry Allen FLASH in part 1 of the interview.

I think that alfred looks the best among all of them. His fashion sense remains absolutely classy throughout all six seasons.

Gotham Crusaders--- Alfred literally doesn't change at all. How is Barbara Gordon Batgirl again when she was paralyzed from being shot by the Joker (in The Killing Joke) for so many years!