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I collage digitali dove il glitch irrompe nella fotografia vintage


Glitched Digital Collages

Giacomo Carmagnola is an artist that works essentially with digital. Inspired by David Delruelle’s collages and the book “Haunted Air” by Ossi

The Woman Who Read Too Much by Bahiyyih Nakhjavani; design by Anne Jordan (Stanford University Press / April 2015)

Book Covers of Note April 2015

The Woman Who Read Too Much.A Persian poetess clashes against old-world gender expectations, religious orthodoxy, and politics in this exquisite tale, based on the actual life of poet and theologian Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn.

Giacomo Carmagnola, Caligula. 100x100cm

Caligula by Giacomo Carmagnola.

Resultado de imagen para glitch art

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Dosis de photoshop para fusionar el pasado y el presente

“Victorian Acid” – Artwork by Giacomo Carmagnola

nonsense thoughts

Digitex Triacotine 31 and 32 by Chad Wys, 2014

Nothing spurs our minds more than the unknown, and as artists turn to the universe for inspiration, scientists turn to artists.

“Creepy il lupo pt.2” Giacomo Carmagnola

Putting History Through a Photoshop Filter: Glitched Collages by Giacomo Carmagnola

Brahaney Oil field, Plains, Texas.

Carne y petróleo

Beef and Oil - VICE Brahaney Oil Field, Plains, Texas—One barrel of crude oil yields approximately 19 gallons of gasoline.