These was so cute- I can't even tell who I ship anymore but as long as Malia makes him happy I'm good

i really don't ship stalia because im a hardcore STYDIA shipper but i have to say this was really cute cause malia was thinking like stiles

Hahahaah :)

Teen Wolf is so unrealistic. How is it that no one wants Dylan O'Brien? Is everyone there blind! <<if I was in teen wolf I'd be like "Stiles.


Oh, these two are going to be entertaining this season. Lol - Teen Wolf - Malia (Shelley Hennig) Stiles (Dylan O'Brien)>> why do I think about the sharks in Finding Nemo when she says humans are not food but friends

Teen Wolf - Season 6 - Stydia

Teen Wolf - Season 6 - Stydia It's like you can see the moment she realizes that she liked that he kissed her

Dylan O'Brien Blooper ... Teen Wolf

gifs ** puppy idk husband Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien I guess? Tyler Posey teen wolf cast gifs: people mine: celebs it's mostly dylan and posey though