Jack Daniels Packaging

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Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal Limited Edition

Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal Limited Edition - a specially packaged bottle sold exclusively at London's Heathrow airports. The matte black bottle also includes iconic Old packaging, two commemorative glass tumblers, as well as black and gold gift box.

Graphis Packaging 3

This is the second post of beautiful vintage packaging this week. Still hard to believe and a shame that this is a dying breed of design. These pieces were found on Tom Crabtree’s photostream…

Which is all the time!!

Sometimes wine is just necessary, take a road trip to Mendoza's wine routes Mendoza

Jack Daniel's Distiller's Run Designed By: Stranger & Stranger - pretty bottles & Labels

vino Filirea gi de Christos Zafeiriadis

Tendencias en packaging de comida: aspecto artesano y rústico para productos gourmet o de supermercado

Filirea gi packaging by Christos Zafeiriadis- Packaging design for limited production homemade wine

Louis XIII reveals the spectacular Louis XIII Rare Cask discovered by the gifted cellar master, Pierrette Trichet.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Lover's 85%

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Lover’s Bar - aesthetic - fun funky hand treated typography gives a unique and approachable feel

Lemonaid & ChariTea

BVD_Lemonaid e gave Lemon­aid and Charitea unique, char­ac­ter­is­tic pack­ag­ings in which the con­tent plays a highly vis­i­ble lead­ing role. Pack­ages that is hon­est, attrac­tive and dis­tinc­tive. Pack­ages of long last­ing visual integrity.