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When they run of out types, eeveelutions will just start being horrible mutant hybrids. which will still be adorable.

Eevee has so many choices!!!

Pokemon fan art of eeveelutions tails Jolteon flareon vaporeon umbreon leafeon glaceon sylveon

Oh ya! Me and my old self hi-5 each others!

They should release Pokemon red and blue on virtual console and make it so you can transfer from those games to X and Y. Just so people who didn't know about the events can actually obtain a mew* for their pokedex *(see mew glitch Pokemon)

The final eeveelution chibi, Sylveon. Exciting news!I know that Sylveon is one of the most popular eeveelutions and so 

Sylveon and Umbreon. c;

Nomnom by . umbreon, sylveon, pokemon so precious and kawaii~ -Shailene).