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Wolf .   ("Lupo.")

Well look at this photo. It is an animal that inspires the best human forces. Deserve respect, dignity and INTELLIGENCE!

Curious Wolves

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"Play with me...."

"Play with me...."

Female red wolf

Female red wolf

I am pinning this on 'Wolves', but this is not a wolf. Wolves do NOT have blue eyes. Every wolf you see that has blue eyes is probably a wolf dog hybrid, or good editing.

beautiful-wildlife: “ King of the Hill by Jeremy Weber ” nothing but nature


White Wolf: Tribal Council declares White Earth Reservation a wolf sanctuary. so beautiful

Wolf Love

Wolf Love


Cute Arctic Fox cubs play near the den while waiting for mom to bring home a late night snack.

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Dog fact of the week: Wolves, from which dogs descended, are descended from a small, weasel-like mammal called Miacis that lived in trees and became extinct 40 million years ago.