Joaquin. almost fell out of my chair

Joaquin Phoenix - one of the most talented actors ever. I love to hate the bad guys he plays.

Laurence Olivier (1907–1989)

Laurence Olivier I've just fallen in love with this man. For some reason every time I refer to him the first word my brain comes up with is "darling". So that is how I find myself referring to him. My darling Lord Olivier.

Richard Gere - l'album del fan club

Richard Gere - l'album del fan club

Richard gere, one day you will make a movie called Hachi and it will make me hysterically cry for an hour.

Marlon Brando, look at his killer smile!!!!

A real matinee idol in his younger years, Marlon Brando is best known for the legendary movie, The Godfather. He's also considered one of the greatest actors of all time.