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After seeing the movie and realising I haven't done anything vector in what feels like forever I had a play around and came up with this kind of old school vector design working from one of the ori.

The Dark Knight

My favorite movie is the "The Darkknight". I have always been a fan of the Batman comic books series. When I saw the movie "The Darknight". I could not get over how close the movie came to the storylines in the comic books.

Reel Cathedral: ICP - Quentin Tarantino  #QuentinTarantino #indie #independentfilm #film

This man is truly a genius when it comes to directing and writing. I am currently in the middle of a "Tarantino" marathon and would advise his movies to anyone who inspires to improve in the film industry

Bastardos sin gloria

SA Studios Global’s Film Marketing Division has teamed up with Quentin Tarantino, Upper Playground and The Weinstein Company to present, The Lost Art of Inglorious Bastards.

2013 "Django Unchained" - Silkscreen Movie Poster by Tyler Stout

2013 "Django Unchained" - Silkscreen Movie Poster by Tyler Stout

Django Unchained - silkscreen movie poster (click image for more detail) Artist: Tyler Stout Venue: n/a Location: n/a Date: 2013 Edition: numbered Size: x Condition: Mint Notes: this silk