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LOL. Look at this

Awkward Steven Universe Photos : Photo >> pearls like "oh shit" "it was at this moment pearl knew, she fucked up"

Steven Universe

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Steven Universe Gemsona- Staurolite by lugiamaster

So many awesome gems out there it was hard to pick. Anyway, I picked Zircon because of the lore behind the .

Lapis is one of my favorite gems, but this gemsona is pretty cool too!

I actually kinda like this design Breyer than the actual one in the show! Real Lapis Lazuli has specks of gold and yellow in it, and this design shows it :D great job to whoever made this!

Sapphire and ruby would probably be confused by this character

“Black Sapphire by oldmanstephanie Gender: Agender Pronouns: she/her/hers or they/them/theirs Height: Weapon: throwing knives and kunai - they don’t have to all match, she picked a bunch of them.