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The 1 year anniversary of the finale

The 1 year anniversary of the finale. Excuse me while i find a nice corner to cry in.

I miss this show

do they only hire actors with amazing cheekbones at BBC? <<< well they only have 5 actors in total, and the height of the cheek bones determines the amount of talent, adorableness, and attractiveness. <--Pinning for the cheekbones comments.

I will alway loved Merlin's face in this scene!:)

Merlin and Arthur - Merlin's face reminds me of a dog sitting on his master's bed trying to wake him up and getting exited when he finally gets up.

I can't believe he's dead

Omg Katie the Merlin dragon died RIP John Hurt - who gave his voice to the dragon. “The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.” The Great Dragon has fallen You will be missed John Hurt.