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el mejor pasatiempo

"Horse girls are easy to love. They're just hard to afford." Ain't that the truth!

Love this pic

Whats the difference between cowgirls and angels?


Gender: Male Age: Personality: Funny,Calm, and kind. Zack loves rodeo and roping wild horses. He loved horses sense he was His best pal is Dragon ^^

Love this !

It's a true friendship{♡♥}

It's that time of the year again :-) #holidays #horses #funstuff #nickerdoodles

It's almost that time of the year again :-) I'm sure my horses think this when the holiday rolls around!

senior picture ideas with horses - Google Search

We sie uns alles geben was wir brauchen.


Tips on how to prepare you & your horse for your session with Kirstie Marie Photography.

I love to ride horses in the snow …

You are my love, my passion , my life , my pet, my happiness, my baby, you make me myself, you are my horse

You are my love, my passion , my life , my pet, my happiness, my baby, you make me myself, you are my horse

Kelpie (Scottish)- Water spirit in the form of a horse. Known to trick people into mounting them then running into the water to drown them.

Never realized the difference!

Reiner vs Hunter - I wonder if this is how Mistic feels at the barn.

how long do horses live? best ideas about Horse pictures and photos.

How Long Do Horses Live and Everything about Horse Age (FACT!)

~Stunning~ another gorgeous palomino.is there any other kind? My absolute favorite horse! I've always always loved a palomino!

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Lol so true ehh depends on how good looking the guy and the horse is

Rêve de gosse - (version remastérisée de l’œuvre de Christian J. Sweet)

Photo by Mathieu Chatrain

— Saturday mornings as seen between the ears of a horse

— Saturday mornings Its spelled a d v en t u r e s! Photo taken April Vallda, SWEDEN

This is a worksheet used after reading any version of "The Three Little Pigs" and the story, "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" by Jon Scieszka. Students will read/listen to these two stories, identify the point of view of each book, then state their opinion on which story they believe: the pigs or the wolf.

Oral/Silent: Using the Three Little Pigs story as an argument students can then learn about opinion statements and make their own.