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The Obama administration didn’t overlook the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki insisted Monday. “Absolutely not,” Psaki told MSNBC, saying the administration had “long been tracking this.

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I would much rather cut some things out of the Bible than have to deal with what it says, not an option.

Scripture is God-breathed -- all of it. Not just the parts we want to believe.

'Excuse me, but your Church is Inside Out.'

'Excuse me, but your Church is Inside Out.

What Does God Want The Church To Do Now, and How Do You Know?

What Does God Want The Church To Do Now, and How Do You Know?

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Paul And Barnabas As Second Generation Disciple Makers… And Why it Matters

Jésuites. Seul ordre égal au pape. Autonomie de pensée. Proches des franc-maçons ou parfois franc-maçons eux-mêmes. Ouverture à la connaissance, collèges, enseignement, pragmatisme.

member of a Roman Catholic religions order,founded by Loyola in 1534 -Jesuits were active in politics, education and missionary work, regaining some parts of Europe for the church.