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amo a estos animales!

Black & White Photography - example of rhythm because the zebra print is present and one's eyes…

Baby Zebra                           | Cutest Paw

I want a baby zebra. I want a baby zebra. I want a baby zebra.

Some people are great with cameras

Lets see, white tigers are rare. They are solitary animals that rarely even hang out with their own kind. They are most active at night. They need to have lots of space. Is there any doubt that I should be a white Bengal Tiger? I love White Tigers.

Fabulous tiger

Tiger in India. Photo taken by Sudip Roychoudhury. Love this photo! Funny how most domestic cats aren't keen on water and yet tigers can swim.

Jeu de Zèbres by Jacques Millet kThis post has 26 notes tThis was posted 3 months ago Rhttp://500px.com/photo/5122070?from=popular

Jeu de Zèbres by Jacques Millet. Black and white animals. Animals that start with Z. Mammals that live in herds.