Sailor Moon  Art Print

bonbon-bunny: “ I fell in love with Babs Moon illustration as soon as I saw it… So I decided to make a fanart of it (It’s a kind of Inception fanart… A fanart of another fanart…) But well I just.

Sailor moon as a modern moon witch! Her powers flow with the phases of the moon, and she doesn't care very much for the rules of old witches. She doesn't even wear her hat most days!

BONBON BUNNY sailor jupiter

Art by BonBon Bunny

"BonBon Bunny" does some really great character design, including some sexy versions of naturally quite tame cartoon girls that are so much.

Sailor moon

soldevia: “ Who should I draw next? Mamoru and the cats? Chibiusa and the Outer Senshis? Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom guys?

Twisted Bone

Black Lady - pigeon666