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First of all, what is Steampunk? In the spirit of things, i have decided to put together a quick and basic guide on the Steampunk sub-genre, as 'Steam on Queen,' .

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~I wish I could hear this guitar being played.~ "Phoenix Hand Carved Electric Guitar By Rigaud Guitars" -- Click through for detailed photos, including some of beautiful inlay work.

Teye Bass:  The sound of the Teye-bass is punchy, with lots of low end; lots of clarity; lots of growl; lots of sustain, and extremely versatile. (A sleepless year of Teye’s design has left bassists open-mouthed: a ‘mere guitarist’ who designs a bass that is impossible to put down?!…)  The bass has two Nordstrand humbucking pickups; each with their own volume; then a master tone knob, and the bass version of the MOOD-knob.

Teye Guitars ggcAseries blue guitar with guns and swirls Artist Guitars Australia - www. rickenbacker, acoustic bass guitars for sale and how to string a nylon guitar

Les Paul Steampunk Guitar Custom Made Les Pipes | eBay Are those horn rotary keys I see?

Les paul steampunk guitar custom made - les pipes

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teeth guitar

Custom Guitar - laughing mouth with big teeth and tongue. Control knobs look like huge cavities!

“We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.” ~Henry David Thoreau

The intricate design of this piece! ~~Steampunk Fairy by artist Susan Beatrice (FB page is "All Natural Arts"). I suppose I could also post it with my fairies… :D