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Sobre toda cosa guardada, guarda tu corazón; Porque de él mana la vida. Proverbios

Your brain is like a circuit switch, once you believe you are something, you actually embodied it, and you embody that feeling. If you were god forbidden in a coma and you woke up and you really didn’t have a memory and you were told you used to be a Navy Seal and they want you back once you’re healthy. Do you think you’d act differently and hold yourself differently and conduct yourself different and have a different self-concept of who you are, than if you were told you were a Pianist.

Por fin he empezado a recorrer la ruta que llevo meses trazando. La ruta que me llevara hasta el centro de mi mismo, para romper barreras y crear nuevos caminos. Solo quedan tres semanas para conocer a Dios. Más

Oq aconteceu com você, meu filho?

This could connect to the show and how he is so dazed in his horrible acts that he can barely see straight.