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El político socialista japonés Inejiro Asanuma es asesinado en 1960 por un nacionalista radical.

1961 12 October extreme right-wing student Otoya Yamaguchi assassinates the socialist politician Inejiro Asanuma during a speech in Tokyo’s Hibiya Hall Photographer: Yasushi Nagao


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such a moving picture.. article on a Mom ariving back from Iraq!

WATCH: Holiday Military Surprise Homecomings: Dads In Santa Suits, Gift Boxes, More

Oh this melts my heart! So much love, emotion, & happiness in one picture! This truly captured this mothers love for her daughter. So precious! This is why I love photography & candid moments!

World Press Photo of the Year: 1994 James Nachtwey, USA, Magnum Photos for Time. Rwanda, June 1994. Hutu man mutilated by the Hutu ‘Interahamwe’ militia, who suspected him of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels.

Man mutilated Rwanda World Press Photo of the Year: 1994 James Nachtwey, USA, Magnum Photos for Time. Rwanda, June Hutu man mutilated by the Hutu ‘Interahamwe’ militia, who suspected him of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels.

1963; .."vietnamese monk, thich quang duc, who set himself on fire to protest the diem regime’s ruthless persecution of buddhists"

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Burning Monk, 1963 Malcolm W. Browne captured this image of the Vietnamese monk, Thich Quang Duc, who set himself on fire to protest the Diem regime’s ruthless persecution of Buddhists.

Hector Rondon Lovera/Diario La Republica, Венесуэла. 4 июня 1962 года, морская база Пуэрто Кабэлло. Смертельно раненный снайпером солдат держится за cвященника Луиса Падилло (Luis Padillo).

Navy chaplain Luis Padillo gives last rites to a soldier wounded by sniper fire during a revolt in Venezuela. (Héctor Rondón Lovera) 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Klara Hitler.  The mother of Adolf Hitler, Klara was a mild, loving mother and wife who did all she could to make Adolf's early life as easy and carefree as possible.  In return, she seems to be one of the few people Hitler genuinely loved.  She died while Hitler was still in his teens,

Klara Hitler, mother of Adolph Hitler was a kind and gentle soul, by all accounts. She died while he was still in his teens, thereby saving herself the agony of watching his descent into madness and murder.

Here's a black Georgia State Trooper in riot gear at a KKK protest in the 80s. In front of him, touching his shield is a curious little boy dressed in a Klan hood & robe. I've stared at this pic & wondered what that Trooper was thinking.  And i know the photographer!  how weird is that...

A small white boy touches the riot shield of a black state trooper at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Atlanta, Georgia, 1992 Hard to believe this was taken Raising children in hate.

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25 People Who Are Bigger Jerks Than You'll Ever Be

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Rare photos compilation...

Rare photos compilation…

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Asceticism is a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from various worldly pleasures This guy welded a metal grid around his neck so he could never lie down again #crazy #asceticism #lifestyle #characterized #abstinence #various #worldly #pleasures #welded #metal #grid #neck #entertainment #interesting

"An ascetic is a person who deprives themselves of physical pleasure for religious reasons. This ascetic has welded a metal grid around his neck to prevent himself from lying down. Dated to around the late

Daily Sanctuary - Space chimp lived - Ham the Chimp, also known as Ham the Astrochimp, was the first Hominidae to take a space flight. He was named after the Holloman Aerospace Medical Center in New Mexico. He was launched from Cape Canaveral on January 31, 1961 and returned to Earth unharmed except for a bruised nose.

Space chimp is so very very happy about the headlines. weirdvintage: “ A space chimp posing to camera after a successful mission to space, 1961 (via) ”

Go, Grandma!

When Eccentricity Reigned: Portraits From a Vanishing New York

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo

Vězeň koncentračního tábora Dachau

The Holocaust, WWII: Concentration Camp inmate after liberation, Dachau, Germany, 1945

This Aug. 11, 1936 file photo shows America's Jesse Owens, center, salutes during the presentation of his gold medal for the long jump, after defeating Nazi Germany's Lutz Long, right, during the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Naoto Tajima of Japan, left, placed third. (AP Photo/File)

"Jesse Owens Wins Gold In Nazi Germany": The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games were marked by Hitler's desire to showcase Aryan supremacy and American Jesse Owens' refusal to play along. Owens won four gold medals at the games including the long jump.