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True << yeah, but I think it would be funnier if the last one said "Ladybug: *puts an ice cube down his shirt*"

Sounds like too much drama for a kids show... Well...  -Well, more teenagers and young adults with nothin better to do watch this show... NO SHAME AHAH

Sounds like too much drama for a kids show. -Well, more teenagers and young adults with nothin better to do watch this show. NO SHAME AHAH - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

I'll do this if I have twins (boy and girl). And name them Adrien and Marinette, then their nicknames would be Chat and Ladybug

“This will be me <----literally me<----- we'll have a lot of them running around I guess << yeah i wanna name my kid marinette when im older.

Marinette and Uncle Jagged. I like this headcanon.

Miraculous Ladybug - Headcanon Marinette and Uncle Jagged

Why Chat calls Marinette 'Princess'

Why Chat calls Marinette 'Princess' - it is possible that Adrian is obsessed with the knight archetype as a role model, this is undeniably an interesting headcanon

Ladybug  <-- bahahahahaha XD i love this, but also it's because she trusts and knows that chat can take care of himself

But the wouldn't Adrien/Chat feels conflicted since he knows that LB likes Adrien but Chat IS Adrien 😨😨

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miraculous, miraculousladybug, miraculousladybugislife - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

adrien soooo likes marinette

This just proves my OTP is shooting. MARICHAT and ADRIENETTE ROCKS! Adrien likes mari. He probably has a major crush on her.and the poor kid doesnt know it yet

This would be hilarious XD

SPOILER ALERT*** Hawkmoth didn’t freak out though. When Dark Owl was about to drown Ladybug and Chat Noir In whipped cream, Hawkmoth was just like, Okay den.