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- e-espera - el chico mejor conocido como Fred le había llamado la atención Tn, así que el encontrar a sus amigos le dió una excusa para estar cerca de ella

Cambio De Cuerpo 【 Fred Y Tu】 - The Walking Fred (especial Halloween) [1ra parte]

Page 2 Read The Walking Fred (especial Halloween) parte] from the story Cambio De Cuerpo 【 Fred Y Tu】 by NinthFlash with reads.

"Why did you do that!?" "Because Ia know you would of given a cute reaction." Chuu*

If you look up Pocky anime it has so many images like this so I'm going to grab a box of Pocky and see if I can get a boyfriend lol

ookami shoujo to kuro ouji

Hetalia anyone?<< Not hetalia. Black Prince and Wolf Girl NO! England got a headache from a shooting star that Italy wished fo, and went home-not to mention that Italy wishes for that because they had about 25000 soldiers vs 48000 soldiers

Yeah :/ I guess that's why some of us hold anime so dear... because it's the one thing that won't leave you hahah n.n

everyday people dont get it think its stupid, nerdy, whatever. but they dont get that is the only thing that keeps me sane it makes me laugh it makes me cry and it really, really inspires me. so stop judging i love anime and manga nothing is ever gonna ch