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Motel with neon sign at night. Photo by Poppy de Villeneuve

The owner didn’t care. Sometimes she paid him in money, sometimes in sex, sometimes in magic. He was a sucker for a palm reading or a card trick. She burnt her incense and broke her bread there, under the neon lights. The world didn’t treat witches well.

Los Angeles Neon Lights 6

Los Angeles Neon Lights

PHOTOGRAPHY: Expired L. by Vicky Moon“I wanted to shoot at night because I feel that L. There’s this quietness that L. has when it’s dark that is really.

Wellington by Mathieu Chardonnet

The world outside - even if it's not seen could create the impression with coloured lighting? Red glow from hotel sign

Los Angeles Neon Lights 16 La photographe Vicky Moon

Los Angeles Neon Lights

Photographer Vicky Moon has roamed Los Angeles' streets at night in order to capture neon signs.

Patrick Joust

Film Photographer Spotlight: Patrick Joust Name: Patrick Joust Age: 35 Location: Baltimore Photographing For: 10 years Camera: Lots… I use a TLR of some kind for most of my medium format photography,.

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