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Drawing Ariel for this week’s episode!! Always wanted to take my own spin on her. Here’s a sketch I did to help prepare for it! ✨

Drawing Ariel for this week’s episode! Always wanted to take my own spin on her. Here’s a sketch I did to help prepare for it!

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Black and White Mermaid Sketch - This is introducing Katina, the unusual and beautiful main character of the story. She comes from the cold shores of Argentina, among the beautiful islands with their crystal clear uncharted waters.

It's ok to cry

Beautiful drawing by Chelsea Hantken. I love drawing hair. It is my all time favorite thing to draw.

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This drawing depicts an agile mermaid. It makes me think of a battle scene, her tail flicking through the water at warped speed, a sudden change of direction and she lands a savage blow with her trident.

The Little Mermaid  Illustration by Charles Santore

Just when you thought you didn't want to go back in the water with The Little Mermaid, Charles Santore freshens up the old story by Hans Christian Andersen with alluring design and illustrations, making it an intriguing book for all ages.

Different types of mermaids like with fish, some that resemble bettas, some tetras, livebearers and so on

gunkiss: “ This is not a tutorial, but this is what I’ve in mind when I draw lips. The best idea is for you to look for references in real life, different races have certain features on their lips,.

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