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Una casa sencilla y bohemia

Una casa sencilla y bohemia

Use Sage, Frankinsence, Lignum Vitae and sound vibrations to cleanse your home of negative energy for the upcoming year. Learn more by clicking here!

4 Cleansing Rituals to Remove Negativity and Renew your Home's Energy for the New Year.

Cleanse and re-energize your home for the New Years! Negative or harmful energy seeps into our spaces constantly. Whatever the reason behind it entering, frequently removing negative energy from your spaces can restore balance.

How to create a happier home [infographic] | Apartment Geeks

Make Happy Home: Color psychology, Feng Shui and Biophilia are effective approaches for rejuvenating your home environment. Find some tips that will help you to add a little happiness and harmony to your home.

Hacks. Ways to make your bedroom bigger

Over the holiday break, I became really inspired to fix up my bedroom. I’m lucky enough to have a pretty big bedroom, but I have so much stuff that it easily gets cluttered, messy, and completely disorganized. I was so sick of looking at clothes on the fl

painting tips

13 Painting Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You Each painter has slightly different methods and preferences, but the pros all know the trade secrets, and PM hung out with them and watched them work to gather these 13 tips.

Feng Shui House Basic Guide : Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that aims to harmonize everyone with the surrounding environment. Feng Shui is closely linked to Taoism, and the term translates as “wind-water” in English. Feng Shui House Basic Guide Notes : The main principles of Feng Shui are said to revolve around color […]

Feng shui translates as ‘wind-water’. It is the ancient Chinese principle of creating a harmonious balance of energies in any given space. The main principles o

Water feng shui element decorating in your home or office Loved & pinned by http://www.shivohamyoga.nl/ #fengshui

Power Decorating with Water Feng Shui Element

un toque marinero

un toque marinero