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What if Marowak wore different skulls?

Kroelian Squirtle by Darksilvania

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This Artist's Reinvented Pokemon Are Spooky in the Best Way

The greatest collection of Pokemon Fusion Artwork EVER. - Imgur

The greatest collection of Pokemon Fusion Artwork EVER.

As a huge fan of the honedge line and a die-hard water type trainer I would love to see a water type honedge

This is my reason for it changes Taken on boats honedge dualblade and agislash were brought to alola since steel wasn't used very much in alolan culture they carved tiki like coverings and possessed them leaving the old body behind

I'm Surprised He Didn't Get Slapped

This is just my own personal explanation, don't take it seriously. Since people tend to depict the thing on their chest differently, this is my explanat. Ask Airalin

PREDANIGHT by Darksilvania.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Here we go again, another fusion! If you have seen an Old Fusemonz I have done before, which show Fusemons in it, I have trying to evolve them now. There will be 3 Pokemon fusion which are combinat.