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SBS Roommate | Chanyeol drinks the red ginseng his mom gave to him. (P.S I have to drink that too....it tastes really weird)

chanyeol on sbs roommate hwaiting saranghae

Park Chanyeol | Roommate

I get to see how Chanyeol sleeps & his morning look!^^ ♡ :) <<<< and his morning voice I cried


Even Trump is offended by this

I can't Breathe kekekeke now this is so epic~! keke Lay oppa lets get high together~ kekekeke love you oppa~ and thank you Chen kekek~

SBS “Roomate” – Getting Closer, Little By Little | Couch Kimchi -- I love how Sungwoo completely takes care of Chanyeol

Roommate - I love how SungWoo and Chanyeol get along so well like a father and son. Look at Channie though, he's so happy as always. Happy virus for real.

Well I don't blame him for not biting D.O.  XD

Chanyeol bites everyone. He just taste him a little.

Park Chanyeol - EXO | 2017 | 3

Park Chanyeol - EXO | 2017 | 3

Chanyeol, Lay - 151003 Official EXO-L Japan Book Vol.2 Credit: hasubando.

Chanyeol, Lay - 151003 Official EXO-L Japan Book Credit: hasubando.

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I am so Yeol.

"Am I being arrested?" XD oh silly chanyeol XD This is why we love you 💕💕