Del ciervo se aprovecha todo y aquí puedes ver los diferentes cortes.

Deer Hunting Tips- How to Cut Venison and Process Deer. This illustrated deer meat guide shows the different cuts of venison harvested from a deer, and helps the DIY processor get a basic understanding. Hunting Tips and Gear, Survival Prepping Skills at

Deer Cutting Charts For The Do It Your Selfer. | Hunting | HotSpotOutdoors - Fishing Reports & Hunting

Learn how to make the basic boneless deer cuts with our "Deer Processing Video"…

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the world needs more people holding deer in pictures and less people holding cameras in front of bathroom mirrors. Redneck, deer hunting quotes pictures So true

Where to target your deer shot kill zone.

Where to Target Your Deer Shot (infographic)


How to Field-Dress a Deer.This is a need to know if you are going to hunt. Pictures are kinda gross. May need this since my brother isn't hunting with me this year.

Deer meat cuts

Do you butcher your own big game animals? You& be amazed at how much you can learn from the pros.

▶ How To Butcher A Deer, At Home.(The ultimate deer butchery video).VENISON. - YouTube

How To Butcher A Deer.The Only Deer Butchery Video you will ever need to watch.This is a Muntjac deer,the smallest deer native to us in the UK,It is butchere.

Before Shooting a Turkey - Be sure you know when and where to shoot a turkey, and with which gun. In this article, we discuss distance concerns, how to prevent a mere wound, and how to take aim with a bow.

Shooting a Turkey - I'm planning on having a real one this thanksgiving!