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The mortal instruments

haven't gotten here yet, but this scene sounds hilarious<<<< I haven't gotten here either I'm on city of fallen Angels, but I'm really curios about what's happening.

I am pretty sure that is exactly how it happened<<< he's technically a Herondale you know wills sister married a lightwood

Oh my goodness. Or he could have thought that Alec was a Lightworm (totally calling them that from now on XD) because Cecily looked like Will and married Gabriel, but yeah, Jace the sarcastic asshole<<<<totally agree. But OMG I love Magnus

I guess it's a Lightwood thing...

I guess it's a Lightwood thing.I always thiught it was ironic that Will called them 'Lightworms' and then Benedict turned into an actual worm!

I am in love with Jace. I'm away from my Mortal Instruments books, but keeping myself involved with the characters through Pinterest :)

sam on

the mortal instruments, Jace. Best character along with Simon, Isabelle and Alec in the mortal instruments cause I have no idea where he'd be if I included the infernal devices. I loved that series way too much

The mortal instruments PERFECT!!!!! awwwww so many feelings

The mortal instruments PERFECT! awwwww so many feelings bahahahah dead ok I shall return to hugging jace

And now I'm excited to see Alberto Rosende tackle and suck on Dom Sherwood's neck! #shadowhunters season 2

This Is Funny, Because The Cuz Movie Fans Are Gunna Be So Confused . // The Book Fans Are Gunna Just Nod Their Heads Enjoy :) // The Mortal Instruments // Simon Jace // Robert Sheehan // Jamie Campbell Bower

Wow, I feel like someone was doing a secret documentary of me when I read Cassandra Clare's books.

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