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A family of Boxers

Boxers - a good friend of mine had a beautiful boxer which sadly got taken by baiters

I'm on to you........

This is so true, my Max gets so jelly when I give attention to another dog. Boxers, you gotta love them.

Now, really Homer, the issues you are having with your pack seem to be self inflicted.

Okay, I met a boxer this weekend so now the three dogs that i must own when I'm on my own someday so far are: Siberian Husky, Golden Receiver, and now BOXER :)

Brindle Boxer....love that face!

(Brindle Boxer) * * " Sometimes de road less traveled be dat way fer a reason.

That big ole head!

That big ole head!

The boxer

The Boxer dog originated around the century and was used for fighting and bull baiting. More recently, however, the Boxer has become a popular choice as a family pet or police and military dog.but it loves to play with children! To learn more about


Happiness is a wagging Boxer tail when you come home. This face ♡

Boxer Dog Beautiful Photos  . Follow Us to See more!

Boxer Dog Beautiful Photos . Follow Us to See more!