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Screwhead Holding Tool - Clickspring

A common task in clockmaking, and home shop machining generally, is the shortening or modifying of an existing screw. Often a stock screw just needs a little bit trimmed off, or perhaps it needs the.

Screwless Vise Clamps. Screwless Vise Clamps  These blocks provide a quick, easy way to secure a screw less vise to the mill table. The blocks in the picture are next to a 3" screw less vise. If you want to make these the size is 1" square and 1.5" long.

Screwless Vise Clamps - The mounting blocks have counterbored bolt holes, accepting and socket head cap screws paired with T-slot nuts.

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Machine Tool Dial Making Fixture - HomemadeTools.net

This tool was made for the purpose of reproducing the manufactures original machine tool dials; it will also function as a dividing head for general

Homemade die filer fabricated from steel and driven by a surplus sewing machine motor. Description from homemadetools.net. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Homemade filing machine mounted on and driven by a lathe. Machine features a variable stroke mechanism and utilizes regular files. Operating speed ranges from 150 to 700 stroke per minute.

Taig Lathe Indexing Attachment

Well you suggested fitting a worm /gear assy., to my headstock spindle to do some indexing work, so that is where I started from. My attemp.

Emco Unimat SL1000 & DB200 Photo Essay

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FF500-CNC-Drehachse-63.jpg (82 kB)