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Hurricanes of 238sq during attack on Italian convoy on the road from Siwa Oasis, 15th November 1942. Hurricane model by Wojciech "Kliment" Nieweglowski.

African Hurricanes by Peter Forkasiewicz - Hurricanes of during attack on Italian convoy on the road from Siwa Oasis, November

Spitfire and Hurricane by Romain Hugault

flytofight: “ Romain Hugault Based on fact that the Spit and Hurricane are buzzing a babe on a bicycle in a flower field, I’m going to assume this depiction is over Holland, can anyone clarify?

GunfightOverRabaul_zpsdf756b2a.jpg photo by CORSAIR79

Gunfight over Rabaul by the artist Jack Fellows showing Major Boyington in his Signed print available at :.

Supermarine Spitfire IX ZK-SPI

spitfire was a British fighter plane used in also used during the blitz,also a a very famous plane.

Superfortress under attack!

Concept Art by John Liberto

Boeing Flying Fortress - High Noon, Robert Bailey High Drama by John Liberto

P-51 Mustang. Cadillac of the Sky.

North American most famous fighter plane built by the US during World War II, the Mustang escorted Allied bombers all the way to Berlin, Germany and back to bases in England.