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Oh course, right? I mean she knows Rose's hugs. I'm sure Steven and Rose have more than a few things in common, even if random like a hug <<no it's because Steven is her baby. Would you recognize your baby in watermelon form?

Lion: Origins ||| Rose Quartz and Lion ||| Steven Universe Fan Art by porto881 on Tumblr

Lion: Origins this headcanon is p nonsensical but it was good practice —————————————————————————————————- Patreon

did you guys know opal glows in the dark<<<<Wonder if Opal knew she glows in the dark

did you guys know opal glows in the dark

waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a giant glowing multi-armed woman might scare you, but I guess for steven this happens often. also, I didn't know opal can glow. I WOULDNT BE SCARED

" But occasionally I've been known to smash" wtf was sards smashing and from what we know her hammer can change forms and even be a drill

My beautiful, terrifying, amazing, funny, and ultimately Homeworld-devastating cornchip queen

My kokoro is broken with these scenes. o<-< I needed to draw them, and maybe I will draw other scenes soon idk Rose, Amethyst and Pearl.