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Resultado de imagem para another

Resultado de imagem para another

corpse party tortured souls - A really short horror anime based off of the game Corpse Party. If you like Corpse Party, or horror, you should definitely check it out.

Corpse Party is a 4 episode long horror anime with lots of gore really good and keeps you on your toes. (Heard on the street their is an uncensored version.

I hate that they give you a picture with everyone smiling and being cheerful,then when you watch the real thing your like....T_T

<< I watched pewdiepie play this!

Miyamura Igarashi Shiraishi Ito Nene and Yamada

Yamada-kun to no Majo (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches) OST DDL et Streaming - Animes-Mangas-DDL


*raises hand* I definitely have ^^

kisaragi-academy-full-1121698.jpg (665×468)

The whole group is here, and they're all alive! c: # corpse party


Another, Chibiki Tatsuji, Sakakibara Kouichi, Misaki Mei

Another Queria que acabasse assim mas na hora que a gente ve não sobra praticamente nem a metade destas meninas é tao injusto muit tragico

akazawa_izumi another bicolored_eyes group ishii_yuriko kazami_tomohiko misaki_mei pajamas scan sleeping


Render in HD of Mei Misaki and Kouichi Sakakibara from the anime "Another". Rendering by gothmolpe Render en HD de Mei Misaki e Kouichi Sakakibara del a. Another - Mei and Kouichi - Render


Another -Misaki & Sakakibara

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (OVA)

Anime Season: Winter 2014-2015

Yamada-kun to no Majo (OVA) Toranosuke

Sachiko Shinozaki. Shes so cute in Corpse party blood drive

cute in Corpse party blood drive

My Anime List #1

My Anime List #1

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Another - Personnages

Anime Another Yuuya Mochizuki Naoya Teshigawara Kouichi Sakakibara Mei Misaki Izumi Akazawa Another Wallpaper

corpse party all characters - Google Search

seiko shinohara, im sure if she survived many others would have survived so good job naomi, it isn't only that she got possessed but how angry she got at her which wasn't the evil spirit it was just her.