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Chuseok 2016 Date: September 15 2016 Location: South Korea Tags: harvest National Holiday festival games


14 January 2017 Carrie Derick’s Birthday Carrie Derick Carrie Derick’s Birthday Until modern times, few women were recognized in the world of aca.

Google Doodles - 14Feb2017

Atlantis Black II

The Doodles' also remind the world of the threat faced by pangolins, the world's only scaly mammal — and the most trafficked species

Abd al-Rahman Al-Sufi's (Azophi) 1113th birthday

aniversario del nacimiento de Abd al-Rahman Al-Sufi (Azophi)

Journée internationale des enfants

Dia das Crianças 2015 (El Salvador, Guatemala, Sri Lanka) 1 de out de 2015

Festa del papà 2014 - Polonia

Google confirms that it's designing kid-friendly versions of its services

https://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2015/first-day-of-fall-2015-northern-hemisphere-6003706315145216-hp.gif  autumnal equinox 9/23/15

Google Highlighting MistriSqui​rrel!

March 2015 First Day of Fall 2015 (Southern Hemisphere)//September 2015 First Day of Fall 2015 (Northern Hemisphere)