Guild Wars: Eye of the North art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Christian Hojgaard: Illustrator & comicbook-artist | Concept Art

lostconcept: “ pit bull dragon by Christian Hojgaard, who also makes cool comics ”

The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies Orc Creatures, WETA WORKSHOP DESIGN STUDIO on ArtStation at

Director Sir Peter Jackson requested a round of wild and varied war beasts concepts for The Battle of the Five Armies, including new varieties of Troll and wholly original creatures that might move or fight in interesting ways. The brief spurring Weta

Guangpu Gui are highly social, arboreal, omnivores. Highly elusive and acrobatically swift they get their names from their disembodied cries. Guangpu Gui and Huohua

RAPTOR by AlexKonstad on deviantART via

Paint sketch from a while back, I'm going to upload a whole bunch of them, all between 30 mins and 2 hours.

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Goatman by on @DeviantArt

Goatman by on @DeviantArt

-= Com: Strovilos =- by on @DeviantArt

-= Com: Strovilos =-