best pick up line ever

Funny Harry Potter joke from Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) on Lopez Tonight

draco malfoy smirk

I love Tom's innocently bewildered expression. He's like, "Why would they want bad boys? They deserve gentlemen!

Hehe. Love him :P

That's a Tim Burton movie I would like to see, he's got a perfect face shape for that I think

When Hermione become Professor McGonagall.....and Draco become Dumbledore......and Harry becomes Snape

Harry Potter remake with Emma Watson as Professor McGonagall, Daniel Radcliffe as Snape, and Tom Felton as Professor Dumbledore! I would watch In 30 years I'm gonna be i would OBVIOUSLY still watch it!

Dan <3

I always found the movie scripted Harry to be off from the book. The awkward moment when the actor playing Harry Potter is a better representation of book Harry Potter than movie Harry Potter. This is gold.

Snape GPS

I want Alan Rickman to be the voice of my GPS too!

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I always liked this moment

Funny pictures about Professor McGonagall being awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Professor McGonagall being awesome. Also, Professor McGonagall being awesome.

drapple and ricken.

Oml just, "I really love chicken" Ladies and gentlemen just another reason that we love Rupert grint😂❤