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Something changed in her that day. Her brother knew exactly what she looked like when her egg hatched and a wondrous creature came out of it. Her eyes became wild with fire and the laugh that bubbled from her lips could frost a dessert.


3 Star Dust Molly Strohl (i like the idea of using a flashlight with gobo for something fun/unexpected)

خدا می داند چند نفر همین ساعت ها توی اتاقشان باران می آید سیل راه می افتد و فردا صبح مجبورند با لبخند تظاهر کنند که هرگز دلشان  برای هیچ کسی تنگ نمی شود #نسترن_علیخانی

Black tears (reminds me of the last day she spent on the streets. This was the last time she ever saw her parents, with Quinn unconscious at her feet and the Joker laughing somewhere in the distance.

blk~dissonanse by GeoArcus.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

❝ the strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth, darkness will make you strong.