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"What would I do without you?" "Crash and burn."   I swear the creators live just to torment us. Even from the beginning.

"What would I do without you?" "Crash and burn." <--- I was thinking the same thing after I re-watched that episode

Awwww Jensen!!!

[GIFSET] Jensen pretending to be grumpy when he's actually amazed by his fans. Another reason to love him

Oh my gosh!!! They even got the casting right!!! This is just so amazing!!!

Oh my gosh! They even got the casting right! This is just so amazing!>> You know that Jensen Ackles was supposed to play Captain America, right? But they changed to Chris Evans cause shooting clashed with supernatural.

What is even happening here? #IDontCare #IStillLoveIt #AllOfIt

lipglosskaz: “ Accurate representation of personalities (credit: sweetondean) ”

#SuperWhoLock. Win.

Superwholock - I love how Cas is like "what phone box? Why would we need a phone box?

We were all normal once....but then someone told us their dad hadn't been home in a few days

This is the most accurate thing I've seen about Supernatural!