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Brothers Conflict - Yusuke and Ema

Brothers Conflict - Yusuke and Ema. Even though they're step siblings, I ship them.

Brothers Conflict - Yusuke and Ema

The characters Yusuke and Ema, from the series "Brothers Conflict." >> Yusuke is sooo easily embarrassed.

#wattpad #fanfiction Bueno,aqui otra historia sacado de mi mente loca ,espero que les guste

El Brillo De Tu Mirada Shizaya - El deseo de un amigo

Don't like the last picture. Bc Ema represents innocence and that^(last bathtub picture) is NOT innocent.

Brothers Conflict - Ukyo and Ema

Brothers Conflict - Ukyo and Ema this is so my god. never expect this kinda situation between them (":

brothers conflict yusuke... I want him and Ema together :)))

Nevermind I found a decent picture :D He's one of my favorite brothers! I hope Ema considers him :)

You are hot but you remind me of someone....

Yugashi tamora, doesn't give a fuck about anything especially you. Looking for a worthy opponent to fight.