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I feel like if some mortal fell on top of him and felt his super warm skin they would assume that he was running a fever

Hopefully he doesn't get nervous or excited while he's hugging them, because we all know how that would turn out.>>> he would be good friends with Olaf

I would love this it would be hilarious

I can so see Poseidon and Athena getting into a shouting match and Zeus holding Athena back like, "No daughter, that is my brother you are talking about, and your uncle."<< Please Zeus would love to see his daughter do Poseidon in

Even then he had these thoughts like that about her. We are all freaking out about how he is so sweet now, but he had these thoughts in the first series too, and they're not the few quotes that we constantly talk about, but the little ones like this.

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HA, and we all thought Percy would be that one annoying kid forever. Nahp, it's Apollo.

Camp Jupiter and Camp Halfblood

"I have a army. "Oh yeah? Well, we have a Clarisse." Percy replied sassily<<<< Clarisse in the background with demon eyes in a cage with bones in it XD

Supernatural / Doctor Who - Sam and his fear of clowns.

This would be such a good superwho. And then in another one they're suddenly thrown into a crashing plane

Headcanon accepted

Percy- Roman AND Greek? I wonder how many things rick riordan uses because of what the fandom wonders<< Maybe one of his ancestors is a roman demigod.